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To provide a comprehensive new approach to vocal performance, teaching and learning in tandem with powerful self-development courses for teachers of singing and voice professionals.

Students and teachers

Professional singers

Choral directors

Voice Professionals (including medical voice specialists)

There are certificates awarded for courses longer than a half day.  A certificate of attendance can be requested for any workshop.

My insatiable curiosity about the voice has led me to explore many aspects of singing and teaching–from the science of voice to numerous areas of self-development. This quest for knowledge has demanded that I ask the question “what if this would work for singing”—and explore. And the fun has been some remarkable discoveries in singing and teaching. These discoveries are shared joyfully through CoreSinging®. It is an enormous pleasure for me
to see the immediate benefits that singers and teachers derive from this work.

Dr. Meribeth Dayme

Founder, Coresinging®

Dedicated to authentic and compelling performance, CoreSinging® is designed for those singers and voice professionals who want to be on the cutting-edge of vocal performance pedagogy and performance. The courses are limited to individuals and small groups so that there is an optimum experience for each person.
Past participants include students, teachers, singers, actors, choristers, and directors.

Included are concepts from:

The very old: Eastern concepts
The old: Western traditions
The new: Quantum mechanics and recent studies on consciousness

The new fusion of performance, technique, and therapy is derived from Eastern concepts, Western tradition in singing and voice therapy, along with advanced physics, and new approaches to learning.  The art of singing can be transformed dramatically by combining new awareness with old traditions and practices.

“Prior to beginning the course I was very excited and certain it would prove to be a very enriching and educational course however I was totally unprepared for the life changing experience working with Meribeth proved to be. Her course has completely reinvigorated my approach to teaching and to my career as a singer/songwriter. I cannot believe how much I have learnt from Meribeth and how inspiring she is.  Thank you!!”

Karen Barrow

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