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Dr. Meribeth Dayme’s London CoreSinging® Teacher Certification Programme

Dr Meribeth Dayme, author of Dynamics of the Singing Voice and The Performer’s Voice is offering a London based certification programme in CoreSinging®. About Meribeth A pioneer in her field, Meribeth completed a Doctorate in Music specialising in Performance and Anatomy. She undertook post-doctoral research at the Royal College of Surgeons as well as teaching anatomy courses for over 20 years. She has lectured all over the world and has taught at the University of Southern California and the University of Delaware. She has made a significant contribution to our understanding of vocal function and many leading practitioners all over the world have attended her ground breaking classes on anatomy and physiology. ‘II’d love to see a list of the people who did her anatomy courses in the 90’s, it’s most of the great and the good of voice science and practice.’ Dr Jenevora Williams In her seminal text, The Performer’s Voice, Meribeth warns that ‘Science is a good servant and a bad master, particularly in the world of vocal performance.’ (2005:Xviii) Recognising that scientific knowledge and analysis can inhibit the creative power of art and imagination, CoreSinging® embodies the next stage of Meribeth’s extraordinary journey. She incorporates five key elements; energy, awareness, imagination, practice and performance. Her refreshing approach is ideal for singing teachers who are looking to use new and creative exercises in the classroom. Meribeth will provide a veritable goody bag of teaching ideas. CoreSinging® is also useful for anatomy addicts and voice nerds who are struggling to find a balance between science and art. It will also liberate performers who feel strangled by technique and...

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