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New directions in singing and teaching singing

Making singing easy and teaching a joy

A natural, simple and enjoyable approach to singing

We use outside-the box, universal techniques that enable singers at any stage in their development to sing with confidence, reach new levels of achievement, and create compelling performances for both themselves and their audience. All courses are highly experiential, fun, and include singing that anyone can do.

CoreSinging® draws on concepts from Eastern and Western traditions, studies in consciousness, quantum courses-pic6mechanics and over 35 years of teaching singing. This universal approach includes exercises that involve the multi-dimensional facets of the human energy field from the influence of thought processes, the state of readiness and grounding, to new insights in practice and performance.

  • Who will benefit
    Singers at any level or style
  • Teachers of singing
  • Choir members and choral directors
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Schoolteachers
  • Voice professionals

Topics include (descriptions follow):

  • Introduction to CoreSinging®
  • Dynamic balance: Being in a state of readiness
  • The effect on singing of the language we use
  • CoreBreathing
  • Spontaneous song-making
  • The art of practice
  • Imagination unlimited
  • Compelling performance

CoreSinging® is designed to complement any system or method of singing, not replace it.

Dynamic balance: Being in a state of readiness
Using concepts derived from Qigong and Tai chi, dynamic balance is a way of directing energy to ready the body for singing and movement. When a singer is truly grounded, the difference is the sound is remarkable. See Lesson One: Learn to Sing with Oleli.

Understanding the language we use
The everyday language and conversation we have with ourselves and others releases potent energy. Learning to use language that supports learning and singing is a key concept in CoreSinging®.

Core Breathing
The human energy system feeds the physical body and breathes as a unit. When we take away the conscious physical emphasis on how we breathe and allow the subconscious to take the air needed, there is a marked increase in sound quality and ability to sustain sound.

Spontaneous song-making
Creating your own songs spontaneously, much like children, is playful and removes self-judgment and the preoccupation with the possibility of failure. By beginning with “musical conversations” with oneself, the teacher or a group, barriers of expectation and assumption begin to fall away.

The art of practice explained
A look at how performers approach practice and new ways to make it meaningful and effective.

Imagination Unlimited

Imagination drives the voice and performance. Using some simple techniques for accessing and expressing onomatopoetic aspects and the emotion of the song will allow singers to be natural in performance. Fear disappears and compelling performance ensues.

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