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Guest Lectures

Meribeth Remote Master Class 1Many of you have used her books* in your studies of singing and vocal pedagogy. Wouldn’t you like to speak to Meribeth herself?

Now, thanks to modern technology, Meribeth can make a virtual visit to your class, group or association.

Too often authors seem far away and unavailable except in the library, but Meribeth is a very hands on, experiential teacher and doesn’t like to stay stuck inside her books. She wants to share up-to-date information with you. It takes too long to write books—and the information is old by the time it reaches you. Besides that is boring when you can get out and share new exciting things with real teachers and singers now.

So here is what you need to know:

Who— vocal pedagogy courses, group meetings, associations of teachers of singing and choral directors, other voice professionals

How— via Internet, there are a number of options. You just need the connection and a monitor and camera so that everyone can see her and she can see you.

When—the time that is best for you. Meribeth may need to have an all hours schedule, but that is OK. So those of you in far away places can now have access as well.

Topics—Happy to follow your suggestions. Any of the webinar topics are available as well

Fee— $250/hour payable via PayPal invoice

To schedule a visit contact: admin@coresinging.org


*Meribeth Dayme’s work includes:


Dynamics of the Singing Voice

The Performer’s Voice

The Singing Book (with C Vaughn)

Presence, Confidence and Personal Power (eBook)



CoreSinging® Easy Vocal Warm-ups



Learn to Sing with Oleli



Visit Blog at www.coresinging.org

Musical Theatre Magazine (online subscription)


“Watching a renowned teacher working with students is always a fascinating experience and Meribeth’s master class session certainly proved enthralling…The truly exciting aspect of watching this session unfold was the way Meribeth approached each singer with complete focus and concentration, moving them forward by using a clever blend of technical ideas and imaginative creativity. Each singer clearly improved and left not only encouraged and with increased confidence but with many thoughts to work on. We as audience also came away with new teaching tools and the sense of having watched a truly special teacher. This session was both inspirational and aspirational. “

– Luise Horrocks, AOTOS Summer Conference 2014

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