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Endless internal chatter causes performance anxiety.  How do you move from internal chatter to a state of Being at One?

The first task is to get the left-brain out of the way. Taking an idea from the great Betty Edwards (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain), “Do things with your music that the Left brain is unable to do”.

The left-brain likes repetition, attaching specific vocabulary for purposes of identification and labelling, intellectual activity, repeated emotional patterns and control.

The Right brain likes movement, colour, music, imagination and much more. It fosters Being at One, being in the zone and a sense of timelessness and freedom.  Singing and learning your songs in this state change your world of performance forever.  The discomfort of self-analysis (and criticism) disappears and you become lost in a fascinating world of space and energy.  Athletes aspire to this in their performance—so must singers.

When learning is a whole energy field experience, you do not have to depend on one tiny part of the brain to do all the work.  Your “field” memory will have multiple experiences upon which to draw. Multiple experiences while learning supply us with a vast reservoir to aid performance. How to you get these experiences?  Use your imagination.  Give it permission to quide your way.

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