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Peanuts anyone?

Apparently the part of the left-brain that contains our language, intellectual information and repeated emotional patterns is no bigger than a peanut.  When I learned this, I had to do a serious rethink of what I valued and how unbalanced my approach to life and learning had become.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer.It sings because it has a song Chinese Proverb

Almost everything you read, from the Chinese philosophers to modern education, states: “experience is the best teacher”.  Yet for some reason we allow the “peanut” to tell us that this is not so.  It says:  “I must first have the information, then I will decide whether it will work.”  Our systems of education, business, and science have become slave to the very small “peanut”.  First we must prove that others will benefit, produce lots of plans, outlines and paperwork, then we are allowed to offer the experience.  Almost anyone will tell you that they learn the most when they leave school.

While what we learn is valuable, it is not nearly so valuable as the first hand experience of doing it.  In sport, the experience usually comes first; then the theory if needed.  Our methods of teaching singing have evolved into theory first and experience second, especially in classical singing.  It’s time to reconsider and provide a better balance of the way we use our knowledge.



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