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Links and Affiliates

This page contains links from international professional voice organisations, private studios, useful therapies, and other sites of interest or help to performers. These links are for purposes of information only and not necessarily personal endorsements.

Professional Organisations for singers and teachers of singing:

AOTOS UK: www.aotos.co.uk
EVTA Europe: www.evta-online.org
NATS USA: www.nats.org
BVA UK: www.british-voice-association.com
Voice Care Network UK: www.voicecare.org.uk
The Voice Foundation: www.voicefoundation.org
Australian Voice Association: www.australianvoiceassociation.com.au
ANATS Australia: www.anats.org.au
MusicTeachers.co.uk : http://www.musicteachers.co.uk/

Where to find help with voice problems:


Energy Healing:


Other techniques and therapies valuable to singers:


Kim Chandler vocal exercises: http://www.funkynfun.com

Vocal Courses, Studios and Websites:

The Voice Workshop USA: www.thevoiceworkshop.com
Magnolia Music Studio USA: www.magnoliamusicstudio.com
Vocal Process website: www.vocalprocess.co.uk
The modern vocalist : www.themodernvocalist.com
Vocal Coach: http://www.singing-tips-with-barbara-lewis.com/
Vocalist: http://www.barbaralewis.com/Home.html

Operagasm.com:http://operagasm.com Cutting edge national perspective on current events, news, reviews, interviews, fashion and editorial contributions regarding opera and classical music
CatalySe: http://www.catalyse.ch Catalysis Association, state-approved, gives the VOICE to support creativity, authentic expression and language. Through song and spoken word It promotes: – Self-esteem, vector wellness
JTPTrust : http://www.jtptrust.org JTPTrust. are an educational charity led by a vibrant team of teachers

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