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The Performer’s Voice: Realizing Your Vocal Potential

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The Performer’s Voice: Realizing Your Vocal Potential by Dr Meribeth

The Performers Voice Realizing Your Vocal Potential

Author : Meribeth Dayme,PHD
Available: iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer.Price iBooks: 25,99 €
Available on Amazon(UK) £17.99 Paperback & Amazon(USA) $31.93


An essential guide to how the voice works; and how to realize its potential.Concise, accurate, and accessible, The Performer’s Voice explains how the voice works and how to use it efficiently. Emphasizing the infinite potential of the human voice, this practical book enables vocal professionals to use their voices effectively to create dynamic performances.

Dr-Meribeth-Dayme-Coresinging-FounderWritten for people who use their voices every day; from singers, actors, and teachers to trial lawyers, ministers, and radio announcers; The Performer’s Voice brings together the basic anatomy, physiology, technique, and performance skills required for effective use of the voice.

Simple exercises and observations, designed for busy people to do in a short time, provide practical application. Anatomically correct drawings support concise, direct explanations. Taking a balanced, common sense approach, this book provides simple guidelines for using the voice healthily and imaginatively. For anyone who relies on the voice for a living.

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