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Professionals in every field have their own personal coaches—why not you?

Do you want to give more to your students?

Do your students have performance anxiety?

Do you run out of approaches to solve chronic vocal faults?

Are you excessively tired at the end of a teaching day?

Have you ever wanted advice specific to you that would enhance your teaching and professional development as a teacher of singing?

Do you spend your time explaining rather than creating an unforgettable experience?

Dr. Meribeth Dayme can guide you in helpful, practical, simple steps to alleviate some of the teaching issues you face.

Dr. Meribeth Dayme

Dr. Meribeth Dayme

Now for the first time, Dr. Meribeth Dayme, a well-known author and master teacher, is offering just that:  your own personal voice teaching coach. While there are a small number of mentoring programmes for groups, this is the first of its kind to offer individual coaching just for You.

“I have been a teachers’ teacher as long as I can remember.  I love exploring the huge world of possibilities of singingand finding solutions to problems with fellow teachers. It is the best way I can use my knowledge and experience to contribute to the continuing improvement of singers and their performance.”
Dr. Meribeth Dayme


“Working with Dr. Meribeth has made ALL the difference in my teaching. There is a not a single lesson or workshop that I do where I am not using several things she has taught me! When I compare the enthusiasm of my students to before I worked with her to after- it’s truly amazing! I have gone from worrying about how I was going to get more students to an almost full studio in a very short amount of time. My students are making rapid progress and more importantly – loving the results and enjoying themselves. She has taught me that a teacher’s work is never done: we will always be students ourselves. She encourages the use of imagination, creativity, and constant research. Because of that, I am tremendously excited about teaching voice and all the possibilities. I only wish I had found her much sooner!”
Molly Rosen, Private Teacher, CA

We Create A Program Designed Specifically for You

What is Dr. Meribeth offering?

Practical solutions for performance anxiety, vocal faults, dealing shy people and other communication issues using simple and effective approaches to teaching your pupils.

• Vocal problem solving according to your needs

• How to gain clarity and alleviate performance anxiety

• How to integrate technique and performance from the very beginning

• Clear away some of the confusion around breathing

• Solving communication issues personally and in performance

• How to alleviate teacher burnout


An experienced perspective from a highly respected author and teacher

What will you get with this program?

5 half hour sessions of personal mentoring and Q & A sessions with Dr. Dayme

3 special subscription podcasts featuring:

• Five steps to alleviating performance anxiety

• The CoreSinging approach to learning a text and trusting your memory

• Grounding yourself and your performance with inner strength

Transcripts of the podcasts

One Year Subscription to Blogs and podcasts for teachers

Two interactive Webinars for teachers


One on One with Dr. Meribeth

One on One with Dr. Meribeth

Dr. Meribeth Dayme, a highly respected teacher of teachers and author of Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice and The Singing Book (with C Vaughn) is now offering a special package of personal mentoring and tailored podcasts and blogs for teachers of singing who want to provide more for their students. If courses and organisations are not answering your special needs, then consider personal mentoring tailored specifically for you.

“My job is to help you identify the issues you have and to gain clarity regarding them.  Teachers invest a lot of time and energy in every student they have. They care when a student does well or not well in performance. If you want more ways to help you and your students to gain better performance skills and results, then I am here to inspire, encourage and help you gain new and exciting possibilities in your teaching and personal development.”
Dr. Meribeth Dayme

Who will benefit?

• Teachers of singing who are looking for more satisfaction regarding student performance and help with the alleviation of performance anxiety

• Ambitious teachers of singing who want to take their teaching to new levels

• Inexperienced teachers of singing

Meribeth’s journey through voice has been amazing and many singers and their teachers value her insight and wisdom.  A pioneer in her field, Meribeth completed a Doctorate in Music specializing in Performance and Anatomy. She did post-doctoral research at the Royal College of Surgeons as well as teaching anatomy courses for medical professionals and teachers of singing for over 20 years. She gives master classes and lectures all over the world. In the US, she has taught at both the University of Southern California and the University of Delaware.

“In her seminal text, The Performer’s Voice, Meribeth warns that ‘Science is a good servant but a bad master, particularly in the world of vocal performance.’ (2005:Xviii) Recognizing that scientific knowledge and analysis often inhibit the creative power of art and imagination, CoreSinging® incorporates her break-through techniques which encourage imagination and underlines the integrity of the performer. Her refreshing approach is ideal for singing teachers who are looking to use new and creative exercises in the classroom.

With a formidable understanding of scientific principles, Dr. Dayme is one of the few pedagogues best placed to convey this message. Her knowledge and wisdom, achieved through years of progressive study, have enabled her to develop an alternative, accessible framework within which music teachers and world-class performers can work.”
D Winters, Voice Workshop UK

Programs like this in fields other than music can cost well over a thousand dollars and even more. We recognise the ongoing financial struggles of those in the performing arts, and want to offer something of high value for a price you can afford.


Purchase this program for a Special Discount of $450 before May 15th

After May 15th the price will be $625 (ask about the discount for teachers with less than 5 years experience.)

There is an extra bonus half-hour of personal time with Meribeth when you sign up before April 20th.

Buy now for the Special Discounted Price of $450

Or three monthly payments of $160

The programme is open to a limited number of teachers at this time.

“CoreSinging® revolutionized the way I approach both my own voice and the way I teach the art of singing. The freedom, ease, joy, and musicality that CoreSinging concepts have taught both myself and my students are invaluable. I use CoreSinging® exercises on a daily basis in both classroom instruction and private lessons, and have found incredible success with students from age 4 to 64. Meribeth Dayme is among the most intuitive professionals I have ever encountered, providing accessible, exciting tools for professional singers, voice teachers, choir directors, beginning vocalists, and everyone who wishes to truly find his/her voice.”

Sarah Wigley Johnson, Clinical Assistant Professor of Voice
Lyric Theatre, School of Music, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign


Personal Mentoring for Teachers Available at this special price for a limited time!

Enroll Now!

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