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The concepts of flow and ease are embodied in many of the Oriental arts. As singers, we need Dr-Meribeth-Dayme-Coresinging-Founderbalance and flow of energy physically, mentally and musically. For me, Qigong fills that need. The use of physical action through intention and flow of energy is perfect for music. Musicians and singers can all learn so much about their art through the practice of Qigong.

Qigong is thousands of years old and was developed as a healing modality and a precursor to martial arts forms such as Taichi. As Qigong is so old, it has many forms and masters. The challenge is finding something that resonates with you. After spending a lot of money and searching for a way to work with Qigong via video, I finally found one that works for me. CoreSinging certified teachers have also enjoyed it and continue to practice long after the course.

The clearest demonstrations and explanations I have found are those of Jesse Tsao. He is truly a master of many forms of Qigong and Taichi.There are two of his DVD’s I recommend for singers. They are now available to rent or download on Amazon.

Eight Brocades J. Tsao

Qigong-Essentials-Eight-Piece-BrocadesAmazon: Instant Video
Eight Piece Brocades (ba-duan-jin) is an eight-part ,
centuries-old Chinese exercise suitable for all ages.
Runtime:1 hour 0 minutes
Rent Amazon: $1.99
Buy: $24.99




Qigong Essentials: Yi Jin Ching
Amazon: Instant Video

Yi Jin Ching (Tendon Transforming Classic) is a 1500-year-old Qigong practice that originated in the Shaolin Temple.Runtime:1 hour 22 minutes
Rent: $1.99
Buy: $24.99

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