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Certificates are given by Certified CoreSinging® Teachers or Trainers to those students who can demonstrate their ease and ability in using the skills associated with CoreSinging®. Certification can commence at any age acceptable to the teacher. The skills involved include: ability to focus, explore and enjoy different approaches to text and music, use of language that promotes learning, singing and performing, ability to improvise and use imagination, efficient approach to practice, and ease of performance. There are four student levels as outlined below. Complete details can be obtained from your teacher.
coresinging level 1 certificate

Level I

  • Learning to Focus
  • Easy Qigong exercises
  • Improvisation with conversation, sounds used in everyday speech, playing with sound and rhythm, free movement with music.
  • Tuning in to the body
  • Awareness of the sound around us
  • Simple concepts of Dynamic Balance
  • Learning the energy of language and thoughts as they relate to singing
  • How to practice/play at home
  • Approaches to performance

Level II

  • Continuation and expansion of Level I
  • Added Qigong exercises
  • More specific work with Dynamic Balance
  • Breathing and energy
  • Breath and sound
  • Rhythmic improvisation
  • Playing with melody and short scales
  • Simple improvisation to chords and melodies
  • Simple melodic improvisation to texts
  • Directions for practice/play at home
  • Performance of “your song”
  • “Public” performance in group sessions

Level III

  • Continuation and expansion of the exercises of Levels I and II
  • Further development using Qigong, TaiChi (or similar disciplines), study of another musical instrument, other self-development tools
  • Continue and expand work with dynamic balance and movement
  • Additional work with breath.
  • Creative use of scales, arpeggios and musical motifs
  • Drawing the music
  • Use of mime
  • Public performance (in group sessions)

Level IV

  • Continuation and expansion of Levels I, II, III
  • Qigong, Taichi or other similar exercises
  • Continued self-development
  • Breathing techniques from Eastern practices
  • Understands how to practice/play
  • Able to play with words and melody of music
  • Enjoys improvisation
  • Able to sing without self-criticism
  • Takes co-responsibility for each lesson
  • Understands the concept and use of space
  • Understands simple concepts of energy work
  • Self-sufficient in learning and practice
  • Enjoys a variety of styles of music
  • Performs easily in front of/or with groups

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