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Breathe new life and energy into your teaching and singing

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“After 30+ years of teaching singing, I was burned-out, felt stale and exhausted…then came CoreSinging® and, suddenly, it’s such a blast again! I now have 15 students (some private, some are group classes) and everyone is having a terrific time singing…and I’m smiling, feeling so creative and inspired as their “teacher”. –Elizabeth Blades Skinner

The CoreSinging® Teacher Certification is an intensive five-day self-development programme in vocal perfomance pedagogy.

Something completely different and unique

Concepts drawn from Western tradition, oriental mystic and healing arts and quantum mechanics are bringing new and extraordinary results to the teaching of singing. The course is available to those voice professionals who teach and work with singers at any level or style.

“A great combination of teaching and learning methods from an inspirational teacher of teachers.” –Nicola Harrison

webinars2013-pic1 CoreSinging® is an approach, not a method, that encourages teachers to suspend judgement and initially teach without emphasis on getting it “right” or affecting any particular styles or systems. Equally valuable for the novice or experienced singer, the concepts of CoreSinging® can be introduced at any stage of a singer’s development.

Powerful with quick and lasting results

Who may attend?

Those teachers and voice professionals who work with singers at any level or style. Enrollment and acceptance into the CoreSinging Certification Programme  is by application and interview:

Teacher Certification Application Coresinging   (Or Word Document)

“The abundance of exercises learned in the 5 day course have helped my students reach new heights of depth and honesty for the complete singer-actor.” Sarah Wigley-Johnson

Uncomplicated approach useful for children, adults,

professional singers and choir members

Each course offers: A nurturing, supportive and confidential atmosphere allowing you to experiment and observe Numerous practical and original exercises that are immediately transferable to your own teaching sessions The opportunity to witness and comment on a master class with external participants Individual video feedback and debriefing Daily group discussions and brainstorming A fantastic opportunity to compare notes and share with fellow teachers from all over the world Manual and study guide Tailored reading list pointing to some of the most insightful authors in the field of voice, performance and energy A lot of fun and laughs Work in a magnificent setting directly overlooking Lake Annecy Included daily – freshly prepared organic 3-course lunches; coffee/tea breaks mornings and afternoons. Also included in the course fee – a final dinner to remember in a superb restaurant.

Note: This kind of small group mentoring for voice professionals is rare and offers what large group courses cannot.

Singing makes a difference

On completion of the five-day programme you will receive a certificate, which allows you to identify yourself as a “Certified CoreSinging® Teacher” on your personal/professional documents and CV. You may then continue to the Advanced Teacher and Trainer certificates.

“Core Singing turned out to be a springboard for both personal and professional growth. I discovered things about myself as a singer, a teacher, and as a person that I could not have discovered anywhere else. The course gave me a new enthusiasm for creating energy and honesty in my presentations as an educator and as a singing performer.” –Sally Mote-Yaffe

Teacher/Trainer Certificates

The Programme:

1. Level One: Introduction to CoreSinging®

• One day interactive course

• Topics include: The anatomy of the human biofield (energy field) and its application to singing and

teaching, Vocal warmups that are fun, therapeutic and practical, Dynamic Balance, approaches to song

or choral music that incorporate vocal technique and learning in a holistic way

• Workbook/manual provided

• Lunch provided

• Fee: $175

2. Level 2 Intermediate CoreSinging®

• Two day course (Prerequisite Level 1)

• Topics include: Continuation of Level 1, Making your energy work for you, More warmups and

exercises, Awareness and Performance, Dynamic Biofield Breathing,

• Workbook provided

• Lunch provided

• Fee $350 (For those attending Levels 1 and 2, discounted fee is $500)

3. Level 3 Certificate Course

• Two day course (prerequisite Levels 1 and 2)

• Topics include: Use of concepts of Qigong in teaching, Drawing your song, How to Practice, Fearless


• Practicum in teaching CoreSinging®

• Workbook provided

• Lunch provided

• Final dinner and awarding of certificates

• Fee: $450 (For those attending entire five days discount fee is $875)

4. Level 4 Advanced CoreSinging® Teacher Course

• Fifteen hours of individual coaching and mentoring with Meribeth

• Topics based on individual needs

• Fee: $900

• Allowed to teach Levels 1 and 2

5. Level 5 Associate CoreSinging®

• Special Associate teaching programme tailored to individual

• Practicum and certification course

• Fee: $2500 (payable in increments)

• Allowed to teach CoreSinging® Levels 1, 2 and 3

• Details available on demand

Further information:admin@coresinging.org 

mrmeribethavatarMeribeth Dayme, PhD, is a well-known vocal educator and master teacher. Her books, Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice, and The Singing Book (with C Vaughn), are used by beginning singers, undergraduates, graduates, and professors around the world. After many years dedicated to vocal education and performance practice, she is delighted to share CoreSinging® with teachers and other voice professionals so that they can enhance their teaching, continue their own self-development, and find new and exciting ways to work with students.



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