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The CoreSinging® Experience
Introductory Courses
with Meribeth Dayme, PhD


The CoreSinging® approach is universal, fun, entertaining and a wonderful way to learn.

Based on the concept of letting your energy work for you rather than against you, participants can learn firstly to enjoy singing, and secondly to grow and improve.

The atmosphere and language of the CoreSinging® experience combined with creative group exercises allow singers to play with a great variety of sound and imagination and tap into their natural abilities. It fosters integrity in the teaching and learning of singing, and works with teachers and students to serve the art of singing and healing.

The CoreSinging® Introductory workshop is practical, interactive, and empowering. You learn by experience and observation. The foundation it provides will enable anyone to move on to enjoy singing or teaching in any way they choose.

Certificate given on completion of course

 Topics Explored

  • Dynamic balance and readiness for singing
  • The inner and outer language that increases our ability to learn
  • CoreBreathing
  • Tuning in to yourself and your environment
  • Spontaneous song-making and “scatty conversations”
  • How to enjoy every practice session
  • Unlimited imagination and compelling singing

The length of the course is normally one half or a whole day.

(Longer courses are available on demand)

Who can attend: Anyone

Those who have found these courses useful include:

  • Singers
  • Teachers of singing
  • Schoolteachers
  • Choir directors and choral singers
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Voice professionals

Please Note: CoreSinging™ is designed to complement any system or method of singing, not replace it.

“CoreSinging® reminded me that there is a secret ingredient to speaking, singing and any kind of performing that cannot be learned through technique alone: it is energetic connection. A connection that can change a performance that is merely competent and professional into something magical, profound and life enhancing. If you want to discover a hundred different ways of accessing this powerful and essential ingredient for yourself, or for your students go to the CoreSinging® workshop!” Sue Greenwood Voice, Speech and Performance Coach.

“…for anyone who is interested, Meribeth is a legend and amazingly inspiring in a quiet unfussy way. I recommend this if you are able to go…” Susan McCulloch, GSMD (on Facebook)

“The flood gates have opened! CoreSinging® has sparked off a torrent of new ideas, new exercises and new ways of teaching and learning. I’m stunned at how deep my appreciation for all voices can go. It’s just what the singing teaching world needs!” Sally Garazzo, Singing Naturally

“This workshop is a true gift to any singer, teacher of singing, or person in search of finding their CORE singing voice! There have been so many personal benefits I have received from CoreSinging…the most helpful has been the overall permission CoreSinging® gives the singer to trust the voice within.” Sarah Wigley

“Meribeth challenges much of the traditional thinking and presents us with a very clear and simple framework full of wisdom, humanity and a purity of intention that makes sense.” Angela Higney

Read more testimonials here.

Special FREE Webinar

CoreSinging Webinar Experience with Meribeth Dayme,PhD, a pioneer in the field of the singing Dr-Meribeth-Dayme-Coresinging-Foundervoice, well-known author of Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice, and The Singing Book (with C Vaughn). Her international workshops and master classes are highly informative and entertaining for both student and teacher.

Singers, teachers and students can now have FREE Web Conference with voice expert Dr Meribeth from the comfort of their home, studio or workplace.

Dr Meribeth (Bunch) Dayme, founder of CoreSinging and director of The Alchemy Programme, is a well-known authority on singing and the human voice, a performance coach, master class leader, speaker, and author.

A former university professor of both singing and anatomy, her books Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice, Creating Confidence (e-book), and The Little Book About Singing (e-book) embody her mission to help performers sing easily, healthily and joyfully.

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For any additional information, Please contact Dr.Meribeth
e: admin@coresinging.org
Telephone mob: +33 677 31 13 83
Landline: +33 450 64 94 09
UK: 0703 180 5873

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