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The CoreSinging® Webinar Experience

CoreSinging Webinar Experience with Meribeth Dayme,PhD, a pioneer in the field of the singing Dr-Meribeth-Dayme-Coresinging-Foundervoice, well-known author of Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice, and The Singing Book (with C Vaughn). Her international workshops and master classes are highly informative and entertaining for both student and teacher. Singers and teachers can now have sessions with voice expert Dr Meribeth from the comfort of their home, studio or workplace with video conferencing..’

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A former university professor of both singing and anatomy, her books Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice, Creating Confidence (e-book), and The Little Book About Singing (e-book) embody her mission to help performers sing easily, healthily and joyfully.

Webinars for Voice Professionals,Singers and Teachers – With Dr Meribeth

  • Learn at home with video conferencing
  • Simplicity, intuition and clarity in singing and teaching
  • A universal approach to singing that enhances your current style or method…an addition, not a replacement
  • Astounding results and changes
  • Concepts old and new about singing and energy that can take you to new levels of performance
  • A fun-filled experience
  • All voice professionals, singers and teachers of singing welcome
  • Get a group together at your home or studio
  • Attend three and receive CoreSinging® Experience Certificate
I have been using the exercises from the last webinar with all of my classes and it is working so unbelievable well—the difference it has made to some of them is amazing. Trish


I found my webinar course most enjoyable and very, very useful. In fact I put much of what we did on Sunday into practice with students already—with tremendous results! Molly


I want to tell you that I am loving my voice lessons (the ones I teach) even more now, and I feel that my students are  really inspired. It is not necessary to tell them about the need to practice, they do it now because they have fun in  doing so. Your lessons and the inspiration they ignite collaborate a lot to this fact. Elke


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