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Coresinging Workshops

CoreSinging® workshops incorporate all aspects of the human energy spectrum – physical, metaphysical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual – and emphasise fun, play and use of the imagination.  From the beginning, the teacher supports and encourages students to accept and enjoy their own sounds. Musical principles are gradually introduced along with the elements of play and imagination.

Photographs of “The CoreSinging Experience” Singing Workshops , Colorado, USA

There are four levels for students, each building on the other to create an exciting musical experience. The result is the development of singers who approach their art with a sense of confidence, joy and ease.

CoreSinging® heralds the transformation of singing and the teaching of singing in the 21st Century

The Internet has granted us unparalleled access to global music, artists and new sounds. It is now possible to explore and feed our curiosity beyond anything we ever dreamed including old (once secret) systems of learning such as Qigong, in addition to other martial arts and exciting energy techniques.  We have only touched on the possibilities that are available to us when we perform. Our old ideas and some of our current beliefs of what it takes to sing and perform are long overdue for change.

CoreSinging® courses benefit students, teachers, directors and voice professionals of every ability and level. There are certificates awarded for courses longer than a half day. Certificate of attendance can be requested for any workshop.

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The CoreSinging® approach is changing the way teachers teach and the way singers sing at all levels. It is a vocal performance pedagogy incorporating five essential elements: energy, awareness, imagination, practice, and performance. Each of these elements is present at all stages and levels of the singing experience from beginner to seasoned professional.

Whether used as an adjunct to current teaching and training or as an ideal first experience for initiate singers, this approach will transform the participant’s way of learning, singing and ultimately performing.

CoreSinging® is designed as an adjunct or supplement to any other system of singing, not as a replacement.

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