Learn how to sing with proper breath support

The joy of singing is when you have the right support. The polished performance seems effortless and magical to the audience. Learn how to sing with proper support by following my tips.

Shoulder Your shoulders should be straight and your chest should not rise when you breathe. Take a look at your shoulders in a mirror. Imagine the air moving through your stomach.

Hold your body still – Stand in front of a mirror and observe your entire body. As you inhale, keep your body still. As you would with a yawn, take a deep inhale. Don’t gulp. Do not move your head. Except to open your mouth occasionally, don’t let your body show that you’re taking in a large breath.

Stand tall Proper posture is key to singing well and maintaining good breath control. Mirrors can be an invaluable tool. Take a step back and examine your posture. Your back should be straight like a board.

Tight abs – Just as a weightlifter or dancer would focus on the “core”, a singer should also learn how to work in this area. This is a crucial aspect of support. This is essential for good vocal production. This area must be maintained tight and solid while you emit sound.

It takes time to develop proper support. Sometimes people come to me to learn some tips and take lessons. It is impossible to do so much in such a short time. Support is often the best way to help them achieve their goals. You can hear the difference between stronger high notes and a wider range. Even better support can improve pitch control, according to me.

Proper support takes time to develop. It makes vocal production simple and effortless. The voice seems to be floating and soaring, and can do things that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible. Learn proper breath support by taking the time.


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