Techniques For Singing Soulfully

“I don’t know how it will turn out on stage.” Something else seems like it is taking over. Maria Callas is the American soprano singer. These words reflect what many people feel when their singing comes from the heart. RabindranathTagore, Nobel Prize-winning poet/composer, wrote: “Music is the purest kind of art… Therefore true poets are those who seek to express everything in music.” The singer has everything. The songs come from his inner life. They are not material taken from outside.

Here are some techniques to sing soulfully. :

  • You can take a break from singing for a while and just focus on being present in your heart. A Chinese proverb states, “If a green bough is kept in my heart then the singing bird will come to sit on that.” Sri Chinmoy is an Indian musician and composer who suggests that silence can be used to instill some basic qualities of singing, such as awareness, soulfulness, confidence, and oneness.
  • You don’t need to sing powerfully or sing soulfully. Both can work together. It might be helpful to visualize, while singing, that you hold a bowl that is full of water. You don’t want the water to run out, and you don’t want the water to create ripples. By doing this, you can feel your inner strength when power and stillness are combined.
  • If singing from the heart, it is important to bring attention to the heart. This helps you feel the physical vibration in your chest, followed by the spiritual feeling of being in your heart. When singing or chanting in Hinduism and Buddhism, the anjali mudra hand position is commonly used. The anjali mudra involves placing the thumbs in the centre and folding the hands over the chest. This position is also known as the prayer position.
  • Focus on the unity among group members when singing together. You should not be focusing on your own voice as a chorus member. Instead, visualize that there is one strong voice that emanates from the chorus. This is because all voices are merged into one sound.
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